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AMI Healthcare and GAD International Announce Hospital Management Partnership

Today, AMI Healthcare Group, Inc. (“AMI”) and GAD International company (“GAD”) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a Strategic Partnership for the operation and management of hospitals and healthcare facilities in the Middle East, principally in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the State of Kuwait, the Kingdom of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. 

AMI and GAD will collaborate to address the growing need for high quality management services and healthcare delivery throughout the Middle East, principally focusing on turn-key management of small, medium, and large capacity hospitals. Through their collective experience and resources, AMI and GAD will provide a comprehensive list of services, including but not limited to subject matter expertise and smart technology integration. This will allow both companies to deliver better outcomes for patients, achieve efficient and profitable operations, and apply best practices throughout every process using proven quality standards. 

“We at AMI believe that our many years of global healthcare management experience, our resources, and our international base of subject matter experts, gives us the ability to tailor our service delivery to the customs and cultures of the international locations in which we work, and will provide the quality and outcomes that we aim and expect to deliver,” said Joachim Kriegel, President and CEO of AMI Healthcare Group, Inc. “Our new partnership with GAD International brings together like-minded companies that seek to achieve and maintain excellence in service delivery. I am looking forward to our future collaborations.”

“With a shared commitment to transforming healthcare and providing seamless access to state-of-the art hospitals and healthcare facilities that will include special services and ambulatory care, we at GAD-International are thrilled to have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with AMI,” said Dr. Ghannam Al-Dossari, Founder and CEO of GAD International.

Having an international presence with offices in KSA, Bahrain and Houston, Texas, GAD looks forward to combining their expertise in Healthcare and Healthcare Management to create a long-term strategic partnership with AMI to offer best-in-practice services, cutting edge innovation, and unparalleled quality of care in the GCC region.

AMI is a well-established healthcare management company and well known to the GCC region. This partnership will be of a great benefit to the hospitals in this region. 

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