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Aerial Work platform: Everything you need to know

An aerial work platform (AWP) is a device that is economical and lifts people to access inaccessible areas and at heights. 

They are typically considered as an elevator, which is flexible to move in any direction with the access equipment.  AWP is capable of being set up and operated by a single person. 

It helps the workers to carry or lift limited weights with them, especially when they are working at their peak. 

The aerial work platforms are portable, equipped with electrical outlets providing additional features that distinguish them from most of the cranes, and AWP is used in diversified areas. 

What are the Products of Aerial Work Platform?

Aerial Work platforms are used in a wide variety of sizes. Let’s see the most common options for AWP.

  • Boom Lift - An AWP equipment with a knuckle lift - called an Articulated Boom lift that allows users to reach heights, various hurdles, and rough terrain. It is used in maintenance, building repairs, and many more. 

  • Telescopic Boom Lift - Telescopic boom lift is ideal with a straight long arm allowing workers to reach maximum heights at safety. 

  • Scissor LiftScissor lift moves vertically up and down direction and is used in indoor works. Rough terrain is used for outdoor works. Discover More to in indoor works. Rough terrain is used for outdoor works. Discover More to now about scissor lift

  • Aluminium Scaffolding -  A replacement of the ladder used in construction, and repair works a job with safe making the work smarter.

  • Spider lift - One of the efficient boom-type aerial work platforms with 4 stabilizer legs for stability and leveling. For tree maintenance, indoor and outdoor construction projects.

Advantages of Aerial Work Platform:

Aerial Work Platform has extraordinary benefits.

  1. Safe in Technology

  2. Flexible, Portable, Able to Position the lift without any device

  3. Works in Smooth and Rough terrain

  4. Lift Equipment available in various directions, like vertical up and down, 360 degrees, straight arms, and many.

  5. Easy to operate

  6. Affordable Cost for any scale of the business.

Disadvantages of Aerial Work Platform:

Based on the advantage, Aerial work platforms have certain drawbacks. The biggest limitation is choosing the right aerial work platform for the projects to complete the work smarter at the best price and choosing the right hire or rental service for the equipment?

However, the customers need to choose which is the best platform.

Industries Served by Aerial work platform:

AWP connects to many industries with its application to meet the needs. A few lists of industries using aerial work platforms for a perfect solution.

  1. Agriculture and Gardening industry - Fruit plucking, Tree Trimming

  2. Aviation and aerospace industry - maintenance, cleaning, installation

  3. Commercial Industry - Includes Building, Office, Retail, stadium, and hall

  4. Destruction - remove or replace material in Bridges, and Buildings.

  1. Energy Industry - construct or maintain power stations, energy-saving systems

  2. Entertainment - Malls, Theatres, Amusement parks, and arenas

  3. Construction Industry - Used to lift tools and equipment in HVAC, steel, electrical, and mechanical

  4. Mining Industry - Maintenance and Construction in the mining sector

  5. Warehouse Industry - Used to lift large and small inventory items  

Cost of Aerial Work Platform:

No matter what kind of industry or the AWP platform you choose, it’s always a good idea to know about the approximate price of the equipment.

The average price of the AWP/ Piece is 15.5L to 51.0L.

The cost may vary depending on the service provider, height, industry-based, number of days, or months for hire. 

Before making the choice, remember the cost fit for your scale of budget.

Key players in the market:

Some of the key players in the industry serve aerial work platforms globally.

  1. Swastik corporation

  2. Strong Well

  3. Industrial Steps & Ladders

  4. Jumbor Industrial

  5. Lyte Ladders

  6. LFI Ladders

  7. Euro Towers

  8. Stradbally Ladders

  9. KRAUSE-Werk

Based on the market strategy and customers’ experience, Explore to Swastik Corporation- a leading rental service provider in the market over 19+years with a world class engineering service providing the right platform for all industrial needs, with high quality standards, and on-time delivery.

They Expand their services in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad, and  throughout South India.

Nithesh Kumar


Swastik Corporation started operations at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, in 1999 after a thorough background research on Aerial Work Platforms and Material Handling Equipments.

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