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A Peek Into Some Home Design Trends That Should Be Popular In 2022

We are stepping into 2022 and this is the time to start fresh. You would perhaps desire to do a lot from organizing the closet to decluttering the kitchen space. There could be more plans and you might just desire to update the aesthetics of the home. What are the interior design trends that should dominate in the year 2022? This should be on your lookout and we spoke to a top interior design company in Kolkata for a few predictions. What we got to know is that the trending home design ideas, which should dominate 2022, are iterations of concepts we’ve seen in recent years. The designers do not lack behind in terms of creativity, but rather we continue to lean on our tastes, needs. Here are some of the top trending home design ideas that should dominate the next year.


You can go green 

The focus should be on the home environment, which should have plenty of plants. For the past 20 months, we have been locked up in our homes and that should continue. Another variant of the virus has raised its ugly head and it is still not sure when we will see normalcy. The interior designer in Kolkata with whom we spoke had to say that this is precisely the reason for such designs. It helps to establish a visual connection with nature. The presence of plants at home can reduce stress and help you to concentrate more. It is a perfect way to bring the outdoors into the home. 

Reclaimed materials

The designs in the year to come should be something more than just going green with plants. There should also be extensive use of green materials. These last two years there was a focus on purchasing items for longevity and utility. The design experts believe that people will leave these trends behind. A top bedroom designer in Kolkata communicated that in 2022, the interiors will reflect a longer lifespan and furnishings which are classic and functional. Wood and stone should be the popular elements both in architecture and interior designs. 


The earthy textures

Next year we should see the use of more tactile materials in designs. There will be extensive use of wood, plaster, bronze, and even some leather for home design work. There should also be finishes of textures derived from nature. There will be a variety to try out and there should be scope to use a range of finishes from plaster clay to lime washes. 

Craft revival

The expert interior designer in Kolkata with whom we spoke had to say that consumers are also falling back on vintage, antique. There is also a focus on handcrafted furnishings and decor for their homes. The pandemic has caused a slowdown and that opens up the scope to explore hands-on activities like ceramics, painting, and baking. In this coming year, designers believe that there should be a focus on displaying object collections. There should be a focus on displaying throne-like chairs, consoles, and even sideboards. You would also desire accessories and one can search for generously scaled table lamps, large candlesticks, and rustic linen patterning. Your focus could be on upholstery and in this segment; there should be minimalist textures, with experimentation on edge, details. It should include ruffles, pleats, tassels, and ball fringes. 

Wavy Geometry

There should be a continuity of rounded details trends in the next year. However, it should expand to new areas of the home. There will be clear signals of wavy undulations in furniture. There should be plenty of stone backsplash work to see in the coming year. There should be an increase in curvilinear elements throughout most homes in Kolkata. It is to add more beauty and grace to the interiors, there is the scope to make strategic additions by incorporating more details such as waterfall corners on consoles, countertop desks. If you are working on a budget, there is the scope to incorporate affordable decors such as drum tables and rounded area rugs. 

The focus could be on multifunctional space

The days of open plans should be a thing of the past and in this year multi-functional spaces should be the trend. Another variant of the virus has raised its ugly head and there should be continuity of remote working from home. Therefore, the trend should be about flexible living working spaces. The desire is for a space, where there is scope to do work and children can also study. There is a demand for converted spaces. 

The warm colours should make a comeback

As we speak of interior designs, one simply cannot miss out on the element of colour. The use of colour can be a make or break factor for the designs. It is via colours that there is the scope to evoke the emotions of people. In 2021 the warm colours had made a comeback and there should be no disruption to this trend in this coming year. The colour of the season is red and there could also be the use of orange as a shade. If you have an earthy design tone in the living space, then the use of brown as colour can work wonders. Grey can also be used as a neutral colour and it brings about plenty of warmth into the living space. 

The bold wallpapers

It could be the living room or even the bedroom, but the use of bold wallpapers should be the trend in the days to come. Earlier this was added as an interesting twist, but lately, it has been bolder with a lot more decorative elements being introduced into the artwork. 

These are just some of the trending home design ideas, which should dominate the whole of next year and there is more to do. There is scope to have a statement ceiling and also bring in more natural light indoors. You could always speak to the designers and discuss more options. You could access the budget and incorporate a design theme into the living space accordingly. 



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