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A Guide to Decorate Small Living Space

If you love to decorate your house, then space shouldn't be a barrier to you. Decorating small spaces is tricky, but with the help of the best interior designer in Delhi, you can make your tiny home a beautiful place. Follow these below tips to decorate your living space:

What Should You Keep in Mind While Decorating Small Living Space

Decorating small spaces isn't like decorating a large apartment. Keep in mind that little is more. Don't overcrowd your living space by trying to fit in too much. Instead, use innovative ways to keep minimum clutter.

Let's Get Started…

  1. Go bold with the colors

Yes, lighter colors create an illusion of space. This doesn't mean small living spaces always have to be a white box. Bold colors can make your walls look further back than they actually are.

Here's what you can do: Use dark colors like black, brown, or dark blue on one or two walls. Use lighter colors on the other walls. This creates a perfect balance of bold and bright. You can make the room appear spacious by keeping it well-lit.

  1. Mirror mirror on the wall!

Mirrors are not just meant for your dressing rooms. They reflect light and make your room look brighter. Use them in small spaces if you lack natural light. Create a gallery wall with mirrors of different sizes to improve the aesthetics of the room.

This doesn't limit itself to mirrors. Opt for glossy tiles and reflective paints to give the same illusion.

  1. Keep furniture to a minimum

Small spaces can quickly turn claustrophobic if there is too much furniture. Keep only a few essential pieces (that side chair can go), and make sure that your furniture is not touching each other. It is not just about furniture. You should get rid of anything that doesn't belong in the room, like additional decorative pieces. 

This doesn't mean you remove every piece of large furniture. But you need to plan the placement according to the size of the room. You can also use the nooks and corners that would be ignored in a large room. Placing a small shelf or corner table can let you include the necessary furniture without cluttering the space.

  1. Use patterns on the walls

Instead of keeping the walls plain, you can experiment with several patterns that give different effects.

  • Stripes: Horizontal and vertical stripes can expand and bring depth to your rooms. It doesn't have to be stripes, but any pattern with long parallel lines will serve the purpose.

  • Large pattern: They reduce visual clutter and make your room appear more open.

  • Landscapes: Use large sceneries on the walls to create an illusion of open space. 

Small patterns usually don't work well with small rooms. But if you still want to incorporate it, use it on a single wall and keep the colors bright.

  1. Use smart storage

Your storage doesn't necessarily have to be a large cupboard taking up the bulk of your room. Use custom built-in storage, or use furniture pieces with built-in storage like a bed with drawers underneath or a sofa that lets you store under its seats. This way, you can tuck away any extra clutter to make your room look clean and spacious.

Many beautiful storage pieces can be used as decor. Alternatively, you can also use the surfaces of your storage pieces to place paintings and mirrors.

  1. Choose the right rug

Small space decoration is all about making space look bigger than it actually is. Use larger light-colored rugs to make your room appear large. It gives a sense of grandeur and also makes an excellent decorative piece. 

  1. Add a little greenery

Plants and flowers remind us of nature. Using them in small spaces brings a feeling of freshness. Be careful not to overdo it. Remember, if you choose to keep plants indoors, they require extra care and attention. Dead and drying plants do not look good anywhere. Make sure you water them enough and keep them in a place where they receive sunlight.

Even if the space is limited, the possibilities are endless. You can play around with different ideas to see what suits your sweet home. Or, you can consult a good interior designer to convert your home into a beautiful living space.

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