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A Conclusive Guide for Healthcare App Development

@ The healthcare market is quite competitive and especially after COVID-19, it has become an aspiration of every healthcare enterprise and startup wants to develop a scalable digital solution.

Healthcare Mobile app solutions have been gaining popularity over the years and their contributing reasons are:

· Ease of Healthcare Access

· Better tracking and monitoring of diseases

· Higher access for both users and medical professionals for medical records.

If you are someone who is for comprehensive Healthcare Services then B2C Info Solutions is here to assist you and this article from top providers of Android healthcare application development and Healthcare iOS App Developers brings a complete guide for healthcare app development.

Step 1: Building a Use case

Building a use case for your business is essential to understanding the risks of developing a healthcare app and its visibility within the market. The initial step is to analyze the market and formulate a business model with reliable and sustainable revenue sources.  Not to mention the healthcare needs your app attempts to satisfy.


Step 2: Healthcare app development cost estimation

Cost analysis is one of the critically important aspects of a business model as it allows you to determine the returns on investment. While considering the costs, it is advised by the industry experts to have both pessimistic and optimistic views.  

The optimistic view involves the features, development process, and deployment part. On the other hand, the pessimistic view is not a negative view but it is all about worst-case scenarios and backup plans.

Feature-Based Cost Estimation

There are several types of features that you need as per the requirement of the mobile app or on the basis of the complexity of the app project, the development cost may differ. And it certainly differs on the basis of features, the functionality of the app, and the tech team with you collaborating. So make sure you have an experienced healthcare app development company that would assist you at every stage of the development process.

Step 3: Monetization Models

Monetizing your mobile application requires proper planning and a reliable strategy that is properly aligned with the organizational structure. From an app subscription-based strategy, there are various monetization approaches that you can choose according to your needs and requirements.

Freemium Model

This model allows you to provide specific services for free and for premium services users need to pay a fixed amount. Here deciding what feature you may offer for free becomes very easy and critical at the same time.

However, if your free features provide enough value to attract users to premium services then you should consider a monetization strategy.

Step 4: Tech Stack for your Digital Solution

Tech Stack is connecting the link between your idea and a highly functional healthcare application. It is a set of programming languages, frameworks and tools that require building a mobile application.

What type of application you use to build your healthcare app determines the development cost and time of creating your app’s architecture too.

Step 5- Building an MVP

You need to formulate a development plan based on your business use case, revenue model and features to be built. The first step of a healthcare app development plan is building an optimal product with basic features which is known as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Testing and using the test results for further iterations will ensure can provide an excellent user experience to your MVP. It also helps to deploy your app quickly in the market while developing more complex features and not comprising on minimum quality.

Final Words

By now you have understood the different aspects related to healthcare app development like business models, monetization strategies, and cost estimations.


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B2C Info Solutions is the Best Mobile App Development Company. We are one of the leading mobile application development company in India with a strong team of 50+ IT professionals.

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B2C Info Solutions is the Best Mobile App Development Company. We are one of the leading mobile application development company in India with a strong team of 50+ IT professionals.

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