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9 reasons why to opt for Property Management firms to take care of your rented out property

I am a firm believer in self-management when it comes to multifamily property management.

“However, if you're new to the business, hiring a property management company (PMC) may make sense.”

After you've closed, a professional PMC can help you with due diligence and learning how to maintain a property. In today's piece, I'll go through 9 things to look for when hiring a PMC. I'll do so by taking you through the most important questions to ask and the responses to anticipate.


You need to know where a PMC's office is located and who they're already working with in the neighbourhood to evaluate whether they can appropriately fulfil your needs.

What is their proximity to the property?

Your property manager should visit the property on a regular basis. Choose a firm that is within a suitable driving distance to ensure that they keep up with that.

Are there any multifamily properties in the area that they own?

If one of the PMC's founding members owns property near yours, they'll be more likely to rent it first. Continue your search for a company whose goals do not contradict with yours.

Do they have any other properties in the area that they manage?

This isn't always a deal-breaker. Just remember that a 200-unit complex down the street will require more of your manager's time and attention than your small 15-unit.


Maintaining continuous cash flow requires keeping your apartments rented out. That said, you should know how your PMC intends to fill out units with renters.

What advertising tactics and channels do they employ?

Be confident that your property will be advertised on the manager's website, Facebook, and Craigslist, regardless of the exact channels they indicate.

Is there a marketing strategy in place? If so, what exactly does it entail?

Renter marketing isn't rocket science, but it does necessitate a certain level of strategic planning. The PMC should have a strategy in place to not only list your property on the appropriate web channels, but also to update them on a regular basis.

Is there a marketing strategy in place? If so, what exactly does it entail?

You can't afford to wait for a slow PMC to "get around" to filling a vacant unit since time is money. Make a mental note of this number so you can compare different managers.

3.Tenant Screening, Applications, and Leasing 

You want tenants who will treat you, the property, and their neighbours with respect. A property manager's major methods for ensuring your home attracts only high-quality renters are tenant screening and leasing.

What is their procedure for vetting prospective tenants?

A credit report, background check, employment verification, and a call to the possible tenant's present and prior landlords should all be included in the screening process.

What exactly does their lease entail?

The following should be included in every lease:

      Every tenant's name

      Occupancy restrictions

      Rental period

      Monthly rental rate

      Any deposits and expenses

      Expectations for repairs and maintenance

      Entry rights

      Noise/activity limits

      Pet restrictions and fees


How do they go about signing a lease?

The lease signing is an essential opportunity to form a bond with new tenants and define expectations. Make sure your PMC is willing to use this opportunity to explain your policies to prospective tenants (rent collection, eviction, etc.). It will be your manager's responsibility to maintain the property's cosmetic look as well as its mechanical operation. You need someone you can rely on to remain on top of your repair needs and take care of them in a timely and cost-effective manner.

What happens if a tenant has an emergency?

It's critical that you pick a PMC that understands the importance of providing a safe, functional workplace for your renters. Pass on any supervisors who don't have a 24-hour emergency phone number.

When do they inspect the units?

Use your best judgement to determine how often the PMC should inspect each unit, according on the property's age and condition. What matters most is that they conduct frequent inspections to ensure that costs do not escalate as a result of neglected maintenance.

Who is responsible for the repairs?

Repairs will be done by the PMC's maintenance crew or by a subcontractor. In either instance, ensure sure the repairmen are properly licenced and insured for the job, as well as competitively priced. Managers typically see maintenance as a profitable profit centre, so pay attention to what they intend to charge you for repairs.

5.Rent Collection 

Rent collection is simple and thorough, resulting in consistent monthly income. Look for a PMC who knows this fundamental concept.

What is their rent collection procedure?

What are the deadlines and late fees specified in the lease? What's more, how do they get the money? A physical examination at the workplace? Is it possible to pay via the internet? Find out what fees are involved in the latter case.

What is the frequency with which they report rental income?

Some PMCs will offer to send reports on a quarterly basis. You should, in my opinion, insist on receiving a monthly statement. That way, rather than waiting three months, you can keep a closer eye on operations and rectify any irregularities straight now.


Don't fall into the trap of sitting back and letting your PMC run itself. That's how you set yourself up to be taken advantage of, in my experience.

What kind of reports do they offer?

Here’s what they should give you: 

1.    Income statement  

2.    Expense statement  

3.    Current rent roll  

4.    List of all vacancies  

5.    List of all delinquencies  

6.    Annual budget  


It's impossible to avoid the fact that hiring a property management will cost you money. That's one of the reasons I recommend self-management once you've built up enough infrastructure to handle it yourself. (but only after you've stopped buying property) You don't want to be distracted from managing your acquisitions. You can reduce your management costs down to a manageable level with a little study and smart shopping.

What is their fee structure?

Typically, a PMC will charge 4-8 percent of your total monthly rent. However, they may charge as much as 10% for small properties. Look around to see who can provide you the best deal without sacrificing quality.

Are there any other costs associated with leasing?

When a PMC rents a vacant apartment, they frequently collect a leasing fee. This cost might be anything between 50% and 100% of the monthly basic rent. This cost may be passed on to the tenant, depending on your market.

“There is no such thing as perfection. Accidents occur, and errors are made. Hire a professional, insured management business to protect yourself from legal liability.”

8.Licensing & Insurance 

Are they licensed? 

Property managers, like any other real estate professional, are required by law to have a licence in the state where they work. To access your state's internet resource for finding up active licences, Google "[your state] real estate licence search."

Do they have liability and errors and omissions (E&O) coverage?
Property managers must also hold liability and E&O insurance, according to state regulations. Obtain copies of both policies so that you can discuss them with your attorney.


After you've satisfied yourself with the preceding eight categories, you're ready to discuss contract terms.

Is it possible to see a sample of their contract?

A PMC should be happy to offer you with a redacted or sample copy of the lease agreements they have with current landlords. Take some time to go over the contract with your lawyer.

When and how may you terminate the contract?

The contract's cancellation clause is one of the most significant elements to check for. What rights do you have to terminate your agreement if the PMC fails to fulfil their job? Move on to the next manager if the first refuses to make this compromise.

Is there a clause in the contract that gives you the exclusive right to sell?

Many PMCs will include a clause in the contract that gives them exclusive rights to offer your home if you decide to sell. Don't go along with it. Whether you have a relationship with another broker or not, you should keep your choices open in the future—especially if you can sell the property without employing a broker.


We've covered a lot of ground so far. When it comes to choosing a property management company, though, you must conduct thorough research. The manager of your property will have the most direct impact on its success.Take your time in choosing the best property management services. The bottom line depends on your choice.

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