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8 best apps for car maintenance in 2022

If you do a quick Google search, you'll find an overwhelming list of potential car maintenance tabs. However, the question always remains, which is the best car maintenance app that you should consider?

The following list gives you a detailed rundown of the top eight best car maintenance apps in 2022. We recommend that you review all of these paths before choosing one of them because some of them may have certain benefits that you might be interested in, while others may not be so helpful. Moreover, if your car is overaged and requires repairs overtime so this maintenance won’t work expectedly, but by selling it you can earn cash for cars.  

1. CARFAX Car Care

One of the best features of this app is connecting it to up to 8 vehicles. This is a great option for running a small car business or for a family. You don't have to install a separate app for each family member who drives.

The other thing is that it gives you long lists of reminders about specific comments, and will alert you whenever something is wrong inside the vehicle. The best other feature that many consumers love is that the app will update automatically every time you service the car or perform regular required maintenance. So you don't have to worry about deleting it manually and it will keep you up to date, so you don't forget about important car maintenance.

2. Drivvo

The second application is recommended for individual users, whether private or professional. It provides you with detailed information in the form of graphs that help you understand maintenance and registration expenses and other detailed information.

One of the best features reported about this app is the customer service. Many customers indicated that whenever you face a problem, you will always find someone to help you, and they are quite responsive, so you don't have to wait long to deal with certain car problems that could go very wrong if you wait for them. 

3. AUTOsist

The wondering thing about this car maintenance app is that it takes care of all your paper receipts. In other words, if you don't like dealing with paper receipts and can't keep them organised, all you have to do is scan them through the window, and what it will do is organise them and have them readily available for you at any time if you are in.

So if you plan to sell your vehicle soon, you'll always find your car maintenance tests neat, organised, and clean. Also, you can use the main feature of sending you a car maintenance record, which is a common thing that people use. 

4. My car

This application offers you many benefits. For example, you can enjoy cost tracking and receive service reminders every time your vehicles have maintenance. Also, the app has a very easy to use interface so you don't need any tutorial from anyone to help you use this app easily.

The good thing about this app is that you cannot integrate information from any other app in this app. For example, let's say you tried one of the apps mentioned in this list and didn't like it. All the passing time can be easily transferred to this app to capture old information.

Finally, you can use this app for multiple vehicles simultaneously, which can be convenient for family members' vehicles.

5. Fuelly

This app is awesome for someone looking to use information from multiple locations. It will update automatically every time you turn it on, and you can enjoy the detailed information and features of your vehicle.

The best unique feature is that you can send an Excel compatible report via email so you can share it with your mechanic or possibly someone interested in buying your vehicle in the future.

6. Simply auto

This app gives you all the basic information you would expect from a car maintenance app. However, it has a unique feature that provides location information. You can track how much mileage you've put on your vehicle, and you can even get an understanding of tax deductions from GPS tracking. The app is free and provides detailed fuel economy information based on fuel octane information.

You still get some benefits if you drive an electric car, including tracking kilowatt-hour options.

7. Openbay

If you want to know how much to pay for car maintenance, this app might be perfect for you! It provides you with information on the competitive efforts of various service providers so that you can save money on maintaining your vehicle.

You can even search for an appointment with whomever you are satisfied with in terms of the best car maintenance site. However, the appointment can be booked within the app itself and cannot be linked directly to the garage or agency.

Finally, if you decide to service your vehicle through this app, the app will automatically keep a record of completed services. It will also save you future maintenance that you have to do on your car, so you don't miss out.

8. Auto Care 1

Latest app gives you information including distance history in kilometres and miles. This way you can get help with information about your vehicle outside the US.

You can also backup any vehicle data or maintenance via this app to your iCloud. This way you don't have to worry about losing this information if something happens to your phone.

The only drawback is that this app is not free as it will cost you around $4.99. However, according to most users, the app is worth it considering the additional information you will get that is not available through other apps.

last thoughts

Our cars are becoming more and more complex with the advanced technology nowadays, and understanding car problems requires some effort. However, auto experts have created certain apps that help connect your car through your phone and get detailed information about maintenance reminders, car problems, and other details.

This article has provided you with a detailed list of the 8 best car maintenance apps. We recommend checking out the list to understand exactly what each app offers you. Remember that although all the apps mentioned are free, not one of them is, so before you decide to install the app, make sure that it suits your needs and helps you achieve your goals.

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