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7 Things That Your Landlord Allow You To Decorate In A Rental Apartment

A landlord doesn’t allow you to make much changes in his/her rental property. You have some of the restrictions for decoration and you cannot renovate the premises without the prior permission from landlord.


Why you need to decorate your space?


Since rental apartment has some of the restrictions and it cannot be decorated by changing the structure. You cannot make changes in the places at your own.

It’s good to maintain the place with comforting and beautiful decoration to give it a soothing look. Decorating the home spaces will break the monotony of the place and will let it you feel like you are in a comforting place.

You can get bored of watching the same space every time. Even if you are not decorating you can rearrange the furniture to break that boredom. No matter you have a furnished or non-furnished home, spacious or small space you always have space to decorate it further. It’s important before decorating you ask your landlord as some homeowners might have issues from some of the changes that you make. However no one would deny making little changes and decorating it.


Here are a few ideas that can help you decorate your rental apartment!


Wall Stickers or wallpapers


You can apply the wall stickers on your wall. These are removable and easy to use also. Apart from this, you can even change them from time to time.


Fairy Lights


You can use the fairy lights to get the lightness in your room. This creates positivity and break the dullness of the space. Specially, white lights give a very soothing vibe to the space.


DIY craft items


You can make many Do It Yourself craft items to decorate and use them as showpiece. A dream catcher, a handmade item for decoration and other craft items can make your rental apartment look fab.




You can remove the old stuffs and sell them. Also, rearrange the things to avoid the clutter of the space. You can make the 


Handicraft pots


There are several handmade pots that you can buy and decorate at your rental apartment. Your owner won’t deny over that. This will give the rental apartment a contemporary look.


False plants


Make use of the artificial plants and climbers to give it a green and positive look. These artificial plants will give your space a relaxing touch thus comforting your mind too.


Wall hanging paintings


Decorate the living room wall with paintings that are of vibrant colour that will give this space a positive vibe. Wall hangings give your place beautiful and comfortable vibes.


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