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Chrome extensions help you to do many tasks productively in your digital marketing strategy without your need to switch the currently working tab. With so many Search Engine Optimisation Chrome extensions available, marketers often find themselves spending more time finding a great fit than getting actionable analytics.

Wondering what are the top SEO Chrome extensions the experts use for ranking, technical and on-page SEO, and more? We’ve got the list for you. What’s beautiful is that when you combine them all, you’ll have everything you need.

5 Must Use Chrome Extensions

1. Mozbar by Moz

A plugin that shows you search metrics, website ranking, and virtually every other facet of on-page SEO. Domain authority is a metric made up by Moz. Generally speaking, the higher your domain authority, the higher your rankings are.

The tools help you to customize your search geographically, easily check the PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority) of any site or page, helps you identify follow, no follow, external, and internal links, and so much more. Upgrading to MozBar Premium offers functions like analyzing keyword difficulty, page optimization, and SERP metrics.

2. META SEO Inspector extension

It’s incredibly useful for getting at-a-glance information on the metadata of a URL. With a single click, you can see a host of technical info crucial for SEO, such as canonical tags, schema, header structures, meta descriptions, image alt text, and others.

You can also export the results for easy sharing with your team or clients. You don’t require payment or subscription, and it’s incredibly easy to use, so it’s the perfect choice for a quick scan of a site.

3. SEO Minion

Streamline day-to-day SEO tasks with SEO Minion. From analyzing on-page SEO to checking broken links and previewing SERPs in real-time, the SEO Minion Chrome extension is a great way to save time on SEO without sacrificing your search ranking.

This is yet another free tool that gives you an analysis of your on-page SEO, broken link checking, checks Hreflang tag validity, SERP preview, copy & download URLs, and data from Google SERP. It is a handy tool for quick lookup and quick results of all the critical metrics needed for analysis.

4. Keyword surfer

With Keyword Surfer, you can get insights through Google’s interface. So, when you do a search for anything, you see the global search volume as well as the volume within your region.

Surfer adds monthly traffic and keyword counts beneath Google search results, plus a sidebar that generates related keyword ideas and volume. It’s a quick way to size up competitors, broaden your keyword planning strategy and analyze keyword density. Google looks strange to me without Surfer’s stats on the SERP!

5. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere are great for anyone who is doing keyword research. Just go to Google and type in any keyword that you are interested in going after. Keywords Everywhere will show you a laundry list of other related terms that you can go after as well.

Keywords everywhere show a lot of useful data, from many popular search engines like Google, YouTube, Amazon, and many others. The data includes search volume, CPC, competition, and trends about all the other stats for the last 12 months.

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