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Real estate comes with a tremendous rate of return if invested in the right property. Selling and buying properties help you make considerable money, and these benefits don’t come overnight. It takes determination, knowledge, and skill to know the traditional ways of buying a property. 

People who are new to real estate usually end up making mistakes. One needs to be sure of the neighbourhood and the specific property you intend to buy. It is important to start buying with a strategy and align the purchases with the long-term goals. 

Few are the common mistakes that one should avoid are-

1) Failing on Planning

Buying property always demands a considerable investment, whether purchasing a home for your family or a decent commercial property for your business. It gives an immense excitement to invest in the properties when the market is hot, and sometimes we forget to plan. The last thing we remember to do is buy a property and then decide what we want to do with it afterwards. 

Before making any contract or plunking down cash, we need to decide on an investment strategy–what type of property are we looking for example- one family or multi-family, vacation destination or not? 

So, it is essential to figure out the purchase plan and then look for properties that fit the plan. 

2) Sacrificing on Research

While buying a mobile phone, a buyer usually compares different models before choosing the right one. It helps him to determine whether the considered purchase is worth the money or not. The consideration to buy a house should be even more rigorous. 

There are research considerations for every type of real estate investor to be done– a personal owner, to lease, or a land developer.

One should ask questions about the property, inquire about the area and other targeted renters. You should know about the site, or how long will the construction go in the future? Is the invested property located in a climatic zone or other problem areas? Any other issues that can persist.

3) Doing Everything on your own

You don’t need to know all or close the transaction on your own. Real estate investors should tap every possible resource and expert talk to help you make the right purchase. A list should be made of potential experts include a real savvy expert, to make the transaction smooth and secure. Such experts help you alert about any flaws in the home or neighbourhood. They warn you about any defects that can come back to haunt you down the line. 

4) Overlooking tenants’ needs

If the property is intended to purchase to rent in future, few things you need to keep in mind are who your renters are likely to be, like — singles, young families, or college students. Families will find the property near to schools, while singles would want the property with nearby nightlife. It is vital to match your investment purpose to the investment area. 

5) Forgetting That All Real Estate Is Local

Learning the market is as vital as knowing the property. One needs to learn about the local market to make the purchase decisions that are likely to turn profitable. That determines drilling down on land values, home values, levels of inventory, supply and demand issues, and more. Forming a feel for specific parameters helps one decide whether or not to buy a particular property.

Investing in real estate is not an easy task and not for everyone. 

Strugglers can avoid the issues with due diligence and proper planning before a contract is signed. 

The study of the developers and builders is also critical and helps you find the perfect space for your requirement. 

Migsun Group, top builder in Delhi-NCR, has set the legacy of serving the clear vision of “Housing for All” over the years. They are known for their outstanding quality and good living experiences. Misgun Group has catered to multiple sectors of Education, Skill India, Film Production & Hospitality. 

Migsun Group


Migsun group is one of the fastest growing real estate conglomerate in northern India with a vast portfolio consisting of an array of development segments like residential, commercial & retail.

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