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4 Things You can Do if You Book Wonderwild’s Themed Birthday Party Venue

Celebrating your kid’s birthday is special. Everything needs to go the right way while you manage to have a great time. Along with it comes their wish for a themed party! Thankfully, Wonderwild offers a fantastic range of party packages that will make them squeal in excitement. Of course, you would be wondering how different it would be to book a themed birthday party venue in Houston and not host the celebration at your place.

Keeping this in mind, the article shows a list of things you can do if you book a b’day party venue.

You Can Order Food from the Venue

Yes, the birthday party venue in Houston helps you with catering options. While you are too confused to figure out a people’s favorite menu, the optional catering option is a big help. You need to accommodate kids and adults at the same party. Ask the venue authority where they can send you contacts to order food.

Of course, you can bring your own food like light snacks. Some places charge a nominal fee for that. When you want to bring food, you should remember not every place can help you with storing the food.

For cutting down on hassles, it’s smart to call catering facilities. This way, they will know when to send the food. And you are free from scouting or carrying portable storage from one place to another.

You can Invite More People

Do you want to invite your kid’s whole class? While it may seem outlandish at first, it’s doable. Wonderwild’s Mega Party can accommodate up to 40 guests and Make It Magical Party allows up to 24 guests.

There is no time for worrying about space crunch if the themed party venue is available. Not only can you bring more people, but you can also get extra time. Talk to a party coordinators before booking the place.

Your Hosts

The hosts will helps with set up decorations, serve your guests, and help with clean up. However, hosts do not participate in leading kids to activities or watch over kids with allergies. 

As your first priority is now to find a good, themed birthday party venue, you should contact Wonderwild. With so many options to make the party special, your kid is going to have a great time. So, call now!

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