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10 Daily Habits for Naturally Glowing Skin


As I told you in my top 5 skincare product blog that a skincare product is just there to enhance the texture of your skin till the time you use them but all these skin products give amazing visible results if you can change or add few things to your eating and drinking routine. Don't be scared I am not going to ask you to stop eating your favorite samosa or stop drinking your favorite soda. All I am asking is to add few things along with it. Are you all like Ohh What!!! that's it!! Well, my answer is yes, The Indian Species have all covered when it comes to your skin, mental or physical health. I am not going to give you some fancy definition to make you understand so let's keep it short and crisp so without any further delay let's get started.

1. Drinking 8 Glass Of Water

Yes, I know many of you must be thinking this is something we already know but how many of us actually really follow that? I think only 3 out 10 follow this tip. See, Let's keep it simple you know that a plant requires regular and appropriate amount of water to grow and flourish in a right and in a beautiful way similarly our body also required a certain amount of water to flush out toxins from your body to keep your skin healthy and glowing. A lot of healthy skin looking girls has admitted of taking good amount water in their routine along with a good skincare routine. So next time if you see the water don't just drink it remember to eat your water.

2.Eat 10 Curry Leaves In An Empty Stomach

Whenever we hear this word, we say Ohh!! The one which we use to enhance the taste of south Indian cuisine. Well Yes, but it is not only used for that or face packs it is also extremely beneficial for your skin and hair. So, when I decided to go on no exercises diet to reduce my weight in healthy way than my dietician recommended to eat 10 curry leaves in an empty stomach to be honest initially I wasn't sure of chewing them raw but the first time when I had it, I was like Ohh Boy!! it's really tasty.

The best part was not only it taste good but it was giving me lots of benefits which I could easily see after 2 weeks. And if you don't have them at home no need to worry you can buy them online at very cheap price.

3. Eat Some Mint Leaves For Acne Free Skin

If you are a fan of minty stuff then eating them is a blessing to your taste birds and skin. You can have 5 to 10 leaves any time in a day. You can have it with water if you don't like mint taste but If you don't mind its taste I would recommend to eat it raw since it's feels so refreshing to your mind and body. Not to take away the fact that having them is very good for your skin specially if you have an acne prone skin. Link to buy get quality of mint online

4.Eat Flaxseeds After Each Meal

"Flaxseed is a good source of dietary fiber and omega-3 fatty acids". This is the first thing I read about these small seeds on Google when my dietician added it into my diet. But I didn't want to go for some scientific definition further when I inquired about them to my nutrition, she said it's an amazing and magical seeds for your skin, hair and weight loss so I took 3 spoon of non-salty roasted seeds a day 1 spoon each after every meal and guys yes, they are exactly the way she explained me. Remember, they are hot in nature so while taking them in summers increase your water intake to flush out that hot temperature out of your body.

5. Cinnamon Powder During Bedtime

An Indian spice famously know as ''Dalchini'' is extremely famous for its medical use as it has antibacterial properties in it. It is not only very good for skin it also very good for your heart, hair and PCOD (Menstrual Problem). But since it is very hot in nature so usually, we limit its use with just pinch of finger into the water or maximum half teaspoon. It is also very helpful in anxiety problem.

6. Neem Goli In An Empty Stomach

Since Neem is very bitter in nature so you can not take them directly therefore either we can take it in form of tablet or in dadi/nani (grandmother) formula. Yup!! Like my nani use to take neem leave and after washing it properly she use to make a paste out of it and with that paste she use make small round neem goli and would force us to take it in an empty stomach not all the day but twice in a year only when season changes from winter to summer or vice versa.

When it comes to benefits your skin then I can't even begin to talk about it. it helpful in blood purifying, excellent for acne skin, natural anti-ageing treatment and whatnot. So next time if you see neem leaves don't just see it eat it in some form.

Note: Usually the First few days of taking neem some people might get some pimple on their body or face so I would suggest don't panic since its purifying your blood it tends to happen and after two or three days it will settle down of their own.

7. Eat Unsweetened Amla Candy/Juice

Amla is rich in Vitamin C which is really good for skin. It's a perfect combination of what your skin requires. You can have amla in lots ways like you can take in form of a candy, juice, raw etc. But be aware don't indulge yourself into sugar or salt quoted candy as it will not give you that desire result that you are looking forward to see for your skin also remember to not to take too much quantity in a day and when it comes to benefits for skin than it is good for treating acne skin, pigmentation, good skin tone and it has anti-ageing properties.

8. Eat 4 Walnuts In A Day

Walnuts are a good source of essential fats, zinc, vitamin E, selenium, and protein - all of which are nutrients your skin needs to stay healthy. I know heavy words for to understand but in short, these brain shape looking thing is excellent for keeping your skin healthy and glow. In winter you enjoy having them directly but in summer it is preferred to soak it overnight and then take it. Having them empty stomach and having breakfast after 30 minutes gives you good results.

9. Eat Cucumber Salad

Cucumber the very first thing that comes to our mind when we say the word salad. This green long round shape beauty contains lots of benefits which is a perfect combination of healthy skin. Cucumber keeps you and your skin hydrated. Cucumber contains 90% water which we all know is good for your skin especially in summers so next time when you going to eat a cucumber tell your body that you are giving something great to it which is filled with lots of nutrients.

10. Eat Lots Of Fruits

A very often you must have heard from your family to eat lots of fruits they usually say it is good for your health but did know it is not only good for health but also is very important for your skin. Fruits like orange, papaya, watermelon, strawberries, and apple (I know apple is a little boring to eat) but you can choose any 2 out of it along with any other your favorite fruit which is not on my list. Fruits are required to maintain that vitamin C which is extremely important for your skin.

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