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Introduction to React Js programming

React is widely used programming language at present as we know every web developer or full stack developer is using it. Before totally getting into details we should discuss about SPA ( Single Page Application).

SPA (Single Page Application)

This is an application that loads HTML page while instead of reloading entire page during interacts with the app from the server.

What is React?

React Js is a downloadable, efficient and flexible frontend library.

It is used to design interface-interface especially for single page applications.

React Js is an open source-based viewing library dedicated to improving the viewing layer of web and mobile applications.

With the help of React, you can upgrade the web-based, Native Mobile application for both Andriod and IOS, Desktop Application.

Why should you learn React?

React is a very powerful front-end library for enhancing the viewing section from MVC. Below are a few reasons:

Every web developer already knows JavaScript which very easy to learn. Those who do not come from web development backgrounds or are new to web development need to learn JavaScript first. especially the latest JavaScript ES6.

Object-based design: Object-based design gives you a way to build complex systems and break them into smaller pieces and these smaller pieces are an easy way to build, store, test and repair a system.

Fast: React application is fast. Provides and redesigns Applications quickly and keeps you updated with the latest data changes.

Using Re-Rendering React algorithm keeps it very fast and fast. Also, React uses Virtual Dom (VDOM) for real memory representation of Real Dom.



React Spreading: A React-based app is fast which gives a good user experience at the end of the day the performance of your app is a story that makes your user happy.

Just look at Facebook, it's so awesome, Facebook makes about 5000 things still work without the release of functionality, object-based approach, JSX usage, visual DOM usage, huge availability of third party components, all of which make React awesome.

Due to the availability of large external resources, it saves a lot of time and development costs.

React has an amazing community: With a strong community and coming up with great resources, there are thousands of videos, tutorials, blog posts available that will help you learn and improve any type of program using React.

The React JS course provides the basic and advanced concepts of the React JS. Currently, React JS is one of the most well-known JavaScript libraries with a strong foundation and a large community. Fusion Technology Solutions Provides such A good Platform for React JS Course.


React JS is a JavaScript library that advertises, works well, and is flexible for building UI tools. It is an open library, based on the front part that only deals with the application layer. It was originally developed and maintained by Facebook and later used in its products such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

Our React JS course covers all topics that help to read React JS. These are React JS Introduction, React JS Features, React JS Installation, Benefits and Costs of React JS, React JS JSX, React JS Elements, React JS State, React JS Props, React JS Forms, React JS Events, React JS Animation and much more.

The main purpose of React JS is to improve User Interfaces (UI) which improve the speed of applications. It uses a virtual DOM (JavaScript object), which improves application performance. Visual JavaScript DOM is faster than standard DOM. We can use React JS on the client and on the server side and other components. It uses object and data patterns that enhance readability and help maintain larger applications.

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